Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Caves in Avila, Parking Lots in San Luis Obispo

This weekend we took a trip to our usual beach getaway, Morro Bay. It's quiet and beautiful and the hotels usually aren't too expensive. Target is about 20 minutes away in San Luis Obispo, but for a weekend getaway, that just fine. Lots of tasty food can be found on Embarcadero Road and there's an Albertsons around the corner for groceries.

Mostly we just relaxed, ate BBQ at Main Street Grill in Cambria, and walked the beach a bit. The workweek is long and it's nice to sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze.

There are so many hikes in the Central Coast area. About a year ago, we hiked to the top of Bishop Peak and since then we've been roaming around San Luis Obispo County, looking for other trails to do. This time we had our sights set on Reservoir Canyon Trail, but by the time we got to the trailhead, the parking lot was packed tight. A bit aggravated by the teensy parking lot for the most popular hiking destination in San Luis Obispo, we decided to save it for another day and found another hike in Avila, this one much shorter and with a bigger parking lot.

The trailhead can be found at the end of Cave Landing Road, right off the main drive to Avila Beach from the 101. There were lots of people already there, but we still found decent parking and roamed around the area. Trails go up and down and left and right, all over the hillside. One went to the top of the hill, which was covered in wildflowers and another went down to the water. We took a trail that led to the point where the rocks jutted out over the ocean, then took another that led to a cave.

None of these trails were particularly long, but it was a beautiful day with nice weather. It was good to just walk around and smell the ocean and wildflowers. From the rocks, we could see the beaches of Pismo and from the trailhead we could see Avila. It was a nice place to be.

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