Monday, February 17, 2014

A Few More From the Wedding

To go from the stress before the wedding to the realization afterward that everything was wonderful and we didn't need to worry makes me wish we could get married all over again, this time with no worry. We had a wonderful party with lots of friends and family, signed a few papers making legal what we already knew, and it's a shame we can't do it again next year. Oh, well! Here are a few pictures from our wonderful photographer, Rebecca Stark.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Get Hitched!

"Get Hitched!" said the calendar on my phone, so casually. As if it were just reminding me of some movie I was looking forward to. "Get Hitched!" it said without a hint of stress, nervousness, or worry. And why not? This is the day I've been looking forward to for years, to get married to my best friend!

And yet, as the day approached, stress began to set in. "How's the wedding planning coming?" Thoughtful friends and family would ask of us and we would share a nervous smile as thoughts of all the things that still needed to be done were brought again to the forefront of our minds. The cake, a photographer, flowers, drinks, food, who is doing what, how to get the sound system to play our music at the right time... and so on. But these worries were easily tempered by supportive family who reminded us that everything would be great, weddings are what you make of it, and the most important thing is to relax and have fun. They couldn't have been more right.

January 25th, 2014, I married Erinn, my best friend, and our wedding was truly wonderful. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees with sunny skies, we were surrounded by loving friends and family, and we definitely did not do that thing with the cake where you're supposed to feed each other, but really you just smash your cake in their face and for some reason that's still a funny thing for people to do. We didn't do that. Instead, we cut the cake, fed each other, danced with each other, sang Country Roads, and had fun. We didn't have a big wedding, a fancy wedding, one with rituals, or one with seven courses for dinner. While these are all great kinds of weddings (and I've been to some great ones), it would have been strange for us. We wanted a simple, fun, beautiful wedding where we could relax and spend time with people we love and that's exactly what we got.

I am so thankful for all the people who made it up to Aptos for the wedding and for everyone who helped put it all together. Now if only we could get married again. Wouldn't that be fun!

Uncle Richard

(Some of) My Family

Erinn's Family

(Some of) My Seattle Family

A Wonderful Toast from a Wonderful Friend

My Wife