Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Rest - To Move On to Better Things

In the interest of moving on, there'll just be lots of beautiful pictures from the last days of our summer trip. As we're well on our way into winter, this seems like the best thing to do.

Also, Erinn and I are getting married in less than a month, so there'll be lots of other things I'd like to talk about instead of a trip that ended over six months ago. So...

Time to move on!


One of my favorite memories from visiting Seattle as a kid was taking the ferry across the Puget Sound. I don't remember specifically why we needed to take the ferry, just that I loved sitting on the boat, watching the waves as I drank a cup of hot chocolate. So, in the spirit of reliving happy memories, I was eager to find a reason to hop on a ferry to anywhere while we were up in Washington and I jumped at my aunt and uncle's suggestion to take the Coupeville ferry to Port Townsend on our way to Olympic National Park. It's funny because it's probably one of the shortest ferry routes available in the whole area, but I was still very excited to do it.

After Port Townsend, we drove through sunny Sequim, which sits in a rain shadow next to the Olympic mountains and gets a Los Angeles-like 16 inches of rain a year. True to reputation, Sequim was bright and sunny while a few more miles down the road, at the entrance to the Olympic National Park, it predictably began to rain.

The Olympic mountains are amazing. We stopped at Hurricane Ridge, about half an hour up the road from Port Angeles. From the visitor's center up there, you can see mountains everywhere. It's a completely panoramic viewpoint.