Monday, August 1, 2011

Sequoia National Park - General Sherman: Aug 1, 2011

     It's hard, really, to appreciate how massive these trees are when you just look at them in pictures. Even now, looking at my own pictures, I have trouble appreciating how exceptionally big these trees are. I don't think it was until we were driving through Colorado and Wyoming, looking at all the beautiful trees there, that I realized how small most trees really are. We're spoiled, living so close to the giant sequoias of Sequoia National Park or the amazingly tall redwood trees of northern California, and I often forget that this is not the norm.
     On this trip, we visited the famous General Sherman and all the surrounding giants. Some of these massive trees stand on their own, such as General Sherman or The President, but others stand in awe inspiring rings, like The Senate and The House. It's really a trip worth making.

Running for Senate?