About Us

This blog is a place for me (James) and Erinn to write down memories from our trips. Every year we see so much more of the United States and we're always looking for someplace new. We currently live in Bakersfield, CA, but the hot summers have us planning for a move to someplace green, cool, and closer to nature. We love going on hikes, camping, and just generally wandering around nature, but we're definitely amateurs on all accounts.

One of the unique challenges of our journeying has been our very strict diet. Due to allergies, we're gluten-free, dairy-free travelers (also apple, oat, barley, and bean-free) and it's not always easy to find restaurants or grocery stores that cater to such a unique diet, but we've found a few ways of meeting this challenge on the road and we're always on the lookout for more ideas. Whatever happens, we'll keep traveling!