Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let There Be Log!

I am never fully satisfied with the title of my posts. They always seem to be some cheesy pun or obscure line that I'm sure no one gets and I often think I would be happier just to do away with titles altogether. But I don't. And so here it is:

I'm recommitting myself to this blog. It was always supposed to be a log of my life with no real audience necessary, but I still felt the need to make my posts clever and felt as dissatisfied with my posts as I did their titles. But this isn't for some vast audience with judging eyes. It's for me! Just a log to remind myself of those trips, pictures, friends, and whatnot that I've enjoyed in my life.

I've been thinking specifically of the trips Erinn and I have gone on together and all the fun little bits and pieces that made those trips wonderful. I'd love to share those bits. From the day trip to the beach to our big trip to North Carolina, these are things I've enjoyed and would love to share on this log of my life.
And that's why we're even here to begin with: to share the many lives of Jules (myself).

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