Monday, March 19, 2012

A San Luis Obispo Weekend

By the end of the week I will have finished my second quarter at CSUB and I will be just a teensy bit closer to graduating. There are all sorts of obstacles to overcome there, but as for this quarter, things are going well and I'm looking forward to the end.

I am especially excited about this Saturday. Erinn and I will be heading to San Luis Obispo to hike around, watch Hunger Games, and generally enjoy the beauty of the central coast. We won't be there long, but it's certainly a long-awaited trip after the busy schedule of the last ten weeks.

The plan is to hike Bishop Peak, which is just northwest of downtown San Luis Obispo. It's a beautiful place (as all of San Luis Obispo is) and should bring with it some amazing views of the area. Bishop Peak itself is the tallest of the "nine sisters" and should be a pretty fun little hike.

After the climb we're going to go relax in downtown San Luis Obispo and watch The Hunger Games so it'll be a nice getaway from the busy schedule of home. I'll be sure to post some pictures.


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